Business Audit & Assurance Services

Accounting, Audit, Tax, & Advisory Services in Houston

Audit and Assurance covers a wide array of services to support your needs. From meeting bank requirements to selling your business to recovering revenue. Assurance services can help to pinpoint potential issues within your business and recommend strategies for proper resolution.

Our Business Audit & Assurance Services Include

  • Financial Business Statement Audit
  • Business Financial Review
  • ISO Certification
  • Operational Audit
  • IRS Audit & Representation
  • State Mandated Review
  • Construction Audits & Reviews
  • Internal Audit
  • Compliation
  • IT Audit
  • Performance Audit
  • HOA/CIRA Audits
  • Bank/Lender Reviews
  • Employee Benefits & Compensation

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Financial Audit Services Houston

Financial Statement Audit

Our approach to a financial audit incorporates detailed industry and client specific procedures designed to provide an opinion over the financial statements such that they can be relied upon by third parties.

Expectations are established early on so there are no surprises at the end of audit. Communication protocols are agreed upon between the client and the engagement team so each side knows who to reach out to.

Client management and the engagement team are equally committed to performing and completing a robust and value-added audit to alert client management to areas needing attention. This understanding and commitment is integral to the way RP Jones conducts and manages all audits.

We enable our engagement teams by providing technological resources in a cost efficient manner to meet deadlines and provide client management with relevant and actionable results. Because most businesses today rely on technology, we have invested heavily in tools that enhance the audit function to reduce cost.

Businesses need a trusted adviser and competent auditor who understands their industry, their firm, and the latest trends. RP Jones recognizes that clients expect more than just a report. Our process uses knowledge and wisdom to provide realistic suggestions and insights that help our clients achieve financial and operational success.


Internal Business Audit

Internal audits evaluate a company’s internal controls, governance and risks over key processes the company relies on.

Our internal audit services help clients to determine if relevant risks are exposing them to legal, financial or other corporate concerns and what to do about them. Additionally, we bring deep industry guidance to help clients make the right decisions to fix areas that need attention.

Our approach includes management’s objectives and our own experience to deliver results. We invoke data analysis, specialized techniques, cost-effective resources and tools to merge the business, technology and practicality into a service that is meaningful.


External Business Audit Services
internal business review

Review - Limited Assurance

Similar, but substantially less than a full audit. A review provides limited assurance over financial reporting and data. We utilize more analytical procedures and inquiries to determine if financial data is reliable and in conformity with the stated financial framework.

We are still required to obtain knowledge about you and your business and the accounting principles and practices that you use. This allows us to narrow the amount of work to identify areas in the financial statements where it is more likely that material misstatements may arise due to risk factors specific to your business.

A Review is usually intended for lenders/banks and other outside parties with a basic level of assurance on the accuracy of financial statements.

Compilation - Financial Statements

Compilation (of financial statements) is a service where we assemble your financial statements and include a report on the procedures and process we used for the assembly. The role of the CPA is the key element in this service with respect to outside parties. Having a CPA put together the financial statements or look over what you have done shows outside parties you have chosen to utilize a trusted official with the proper skills to oversee and support you.

A compilation provides no assurance on an organization’s financial statements.  We take the financial data provided by you and create the financial statements with footnotes and any supplementary information in a format that complies with generally accepted accounting principles or the stated reporting framework. In a Compilation, no testing or analytical procedures are performed.

business financial statement compliation